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Free Invite Pages for Slack Teams

Design, publish and invite

Made for Everyone

No technical expertise or costly hosting necessary.

No coding required

Publishing your invite page takes seconds and requires no special training or technical knowledge.

No hosting headaches

We host your invite page, so you don’t need to worry about servers, security and all of the other issues involved in publishing on the web.

Manage a Slack teams growth

With flexible access contol options, you can choose how fast.

Free to use

Designing and publishing your invite page is 100% free. If you offer a paid membership plan, we collect a percent of your set fee.

Quick Setup

Intuitive process to create your custom Invite Page.

Invite Page Design

Reach a wider audience with all the screen sizes and devices we support. Your invite page will be mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly and will look amazing on any device.

Upload a custom background image or video, or you can embed videos from popular providers such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Invite Page Publishing

Get a secure custom subdomain, that matches your slack domain.

You can add custom path for your invite page,

Invite Page

You can collect First & Last Names, and these values will be automatically imported into Slack.

You can also collect other information such as social media profile URLs, or answers to a question of your choosing.

Invite Moderation, Invite Codes or a Paywall

Decide who gets invited, and who does not.

Seamless & Secure Integrations

Easy to setup

Something less catchy Something less catchy

Securely store sensitive data
Youtube, Vimeo, Pexels, and others.

Create your free invite page today.

It just takes a few moment to publish a custom landing page.

Powerful Access Control

Benefit from sensible defaults and powerful options.

Invite Moderation

Basic Invite moderation is enabled by default so that not everyone who signs up on your invite page will be automatically invited. Of course, you can always disable the moderation function, and invites will be sent out immediately after any successful signup.


Setup a paywall to your team by requiring members to pay a one time fee before their invite will be sent out. We only get paid when you get paid, and take just a small percentage of the total price you choose.

Invide Codes

Limit who can get invited by requiring special invite codes when someone fills out the form before their membership is accepted.

Here are a few more of the features available.

  • Invite to one or more Slack channels.
  • Customize Landing Page Text and Branding Assets
  • Show Current Team Member Totals
  • Add Contact Details or other text.
  • Customize Invite Form Elements
  • Background Image or Video
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Confirmation Page
  • Controlled Access, or Completely Open
  • One Time or Recurring Payment
  • Moderate Invites With Slack Message Buttons
  • Require Invite Codes


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